Monday, 31 July 2017

What is force summation? 
 Force summation is creating larger force possible, by using different body parts to work together the largest muscles to the smallest muscles.

Describe the three parts of force summation. 
Range of Motion: The greater range of motion you use the better force is produced. Order Of Body Segments: Forces that needs to be transferred from the largest muscles through to the smallest muscles. Timing of Body Segments: Every segment should get going before the previous segment reaches it's peak force.

Describe the activity we completed in the gym and how this related to force summation. 
We had done many activitys that relate to force summation. The first activity we did was where we partnered up with someone and we each take turns at throwing a basketball as far as you can but the first throw we started off by lying down flat on the ground and only use our arms and hands to help give us forces. The first attempt was the hardest one as I was only using my hands and arms. The second attempt was to sit up on the floor, only using our arms, hands and our stomach.The thrid throw was to go on your knees. The only body parts that was active was my hands, arms, stomach and my thighs. This throw was slightly easier as there I was using more muscles to help me throw the ball further. The last throw was standing up. This throw was a much better and easier throw because we were using all of our muscles to help us have forces to throw the basketball far away. The second activity we did was trying to touch the top of the glasswall/window

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Angela Gattung said...

Kia ora Charday, thanks for sharing your learning here. I am struck by the word 'summation' and how it is used in other learning areas like mathematics where it has the same meaning (of course) to add things together and get something greater which combines all the individual elements. Can you identify any other words you use in PE that have links to other subjects like 'summation' does?

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