Monday, 6 March 2017

Charday- 11PEA Thoughts on Blogging 2017

Answer these Questions

Q1: What are your previous experiences with blogging?

Back in Primary,  blogging was a big thing, it was where we would blog and share all our learning  for other people to see. I loved blogging and sharing what I learnt in class and giving feedback to others.

Q2:  How do you think blogging impacts on your learning?

Blogging impacts on my learning because it's all apart of the Manaiakalani learning and since I blogged throughout Primary and Intermediate I know and understand how to blog. Blogging impacts in being confident being able to share your learning with other people without keeping your work shared with your teachers only.

Q3: How do you feel about blogging? Why?

I think blogging is a good thing for us to go back to doing, because if there's people who don't understand any work then they can just go to their classmates blog and catch up with anything instead of asking the teacher for help and wasting the class time trying to catch up with everyone.

Charday Liddicoat (11PE) SWOT Analysis 2017

SWOT Analysis. 

Swot analysis is where you can identify your internal strengths and weaknesses as well as your external opportunities and Threats.  Swot analysis is a list of what you're good at and what you need to improve on, it also shows opportunities, who or what can help you succed and threats which means who or what is gonna stop you from achieving. 

Strengths (What do you do well in) 

  • Understanding the game and rules. 
  • Completing tasks in class.
  • Going back to work when being distracted. 
  • Playing sports I love and know. 

Weaknesses (What do you struggle with) 

  • Comunicating with others 
  • Teamwork games
  • Explaing rules or how to play the game to other people. 
  • Playing games I do not like or don't know how to play or understand the rules. 

Opportunities (Who/What can help you succeed) 

  • Friends 
  • Teachers 
  • Motavation 
  • Courage 
  • Support from others. 

Threats (Who/What can prevent your success) 

  • When I have no enegery 
  • Negativies 
  • Unsupportive people
  • Triedness. 



Charday- (11PEA) Self Management -

What is self management?
Self management is being responsible and doing the right thing even when no one is looking.
Why is it important we are self managed?
Self management is important because it helps you focus and achieve your goals.  Without self management you would go no where in life.
What are some strategies to be self managed? 
Always be on tasks no matter what is happening around you just always focus  but if you are distracted remember to get back to work.  If you're sitting next to some who distract you move your self away from them for you to carry on achieving your work. Give your self goals to achieve don't make your goals to unrealistic long terms goals,  give yourslef short realistic goals that you can achieve then build yourself up from there.