Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Charday-Poem 2013

My Poems!
Brother from another mother!

Whether black, white or brown,
Or he ditched home town,
He hung around found,
He isn't my friend,
He’s my brother to the very last end.

Best Friend!!

Best Friends means different things to different people. Some insist that you can have only one best friend. Others assert that they have best friends for different aspects of their personalities. Whatever the precise definition, your best friend is the person who gets you. They understand who you are and what you are saying. The greatest distance cannot separate best friends. You will always feel a kinship with them, and be able to instantly continue the friendship even after not talking for many years.

Today at class we get to make our own poem about anything we want it to be. This is my poem about brothers and Best friend. Hope you enjoyed my poem.

My Perspective On Denis Glover's Poem "Drift"

For reading we had to reflect over a poem called drift. I came to a realisation just like my friend that it was probably more than about just drifting in water.

Drift by Denis Glover -

What are some features we can see in the poem? Use words and quotes from the poem to support your answer...  
It rhymes e.g A.A.B.B and Beach, Reach.
What is the author’s purpose of the poem?
Is to raise awareness that driftwoods are pieces of old log that travel around numerous places though they do not choose the path they are on because it is chosen for them by which why the wind is pointing or where the storm is headed. Sometimes you need to choose your own path instead of people directing and choosing for you where you go. It not about how you do it, it’s about where you’re going.

What are the key ideas in the poem?
Is to follow your own path way and don’t let other people push you back to the start. Make sure they don’t direct you to the wrong pathway.

Why do you think these are the key ideas?
“May drift to indifferent shores” meaning go wherever your path takes you even if you have to ride rough ways.
How does the poem make you feel?
It makes me feel I can go anywhere I want and either be happy or disappointed of my  destination. I like being able to make my own decisions and seeing where it takes me.

Why does it make you feel this way?
I love freedom and with the poem being about driftwood and how it moves around you discover new things and new doors to different lives.

How does the image in the poem support the way the poem makes your feel?
The driftwood drifting in the water and water can lead to different places even to your dreams and hopes coming true and then achieving your aspiration. It’s drifting free.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013