Thursday, 16 August 2012

Locked in the fruit shop!

WALT-Write a narrative using the T.O.P.S structure.

In the lovely Cook Islands there were a shine bright sun in the blue sky and there was two twin sisters named Molly and Lilly,Molly and lilly had Teal eyes that look like a sparkly diamond,they had brown skin and molly has light pink hair like like the afternoon sky and a blue rose  lilly has blue hair that look like the light blue ocean and the sky too and has a pink rose in her hair . Their family was  poor so they had no money at all.  Lily whispered “Why does everyone in this Island have cool clothes and nice shoes and not us, it’s not fair” Molly answered  “Because they have jobs that’s why and not everyone has cool clothes like the poor’’.  The sisters decided to get a job because they were sick of having no money. They decided to walk into town and look for work.  When they got there,all they could see was delicious food.

They search around and around the town and finally they saw a  sign that say “Help Wanted” So they zoomed  in before the man get in the shop and have the job .Finally they bet the man they  looked around and Molly whispered “This is beautiful and warm too’. They found the office so Molly and Lily knocked on the door and there was a nice man sitting on his chair and cheerfully spoked “Welcome are you coming to eat or what “ Molly answered “No Mr we are here because we want a job here is that alright “. The man smiled and said “Ok you got the job” Molly and Lily was so glad that they got the job. They jumped up and down then the man said “Sit, sit my name is Tom what is your name.” Molly cheerfully answered”My name is Molly and her name is Lilly and we are twin sisters” “Yay twin sisters!”.

Then Tom showed where they are going to work and then he said “So which job do you want “Then Molly asked”What kind of job do you have”Tom said “We have fruit shop or fruit smoothies shop”.Molly and Lilly had a conversation together and they said “The fruit smoothie shop please’’.Tom showed what they have to do they had to make fruit smoothies.

They went to work early in the morning at 1am when they ran to work they open the shop and one customer came and said “ Hi can I have a yummy smoothie please”Lilly said “ Ok what would you like in your smoothie”.The man said nicely “I would like four mango, one  banana and two apples please” Molly hurry and did the smoothie Lilly who was the counter girl said “ That will be one dollar fifty please”The man handed the money he handed 5 dollar and lilly was going to give the change but then he said “you can have the changed Lilly said”Thank you very much.”The man said “That all right” Then he got his smoothie and he fell in love  with the smoothie. His eyes made a heart  and he said “I am coming back tomorrow and everyday .6 days later they were rich and now they can buy clothes and shoes too.

They runned out of fruit and so they went to the fruit place which they like to call it fruit cave because it look like a cave and it have fruit in it too.As they went to get some fruit,the door slamed and then the door lock.  Lilly said “We are lock we are lock”Molly said No we are not...BUT I think we are lock”Noooooo” said Lilly.”Calm down Lilly”Said Molly.They wait and wait then it was morning time and they smell like rotten egg and smell like old rushing socks.

They remember that they put the key on the hook and then they remember that they boss told then that he put a key in one of the fruit bucket and the they search everywhere and then Lilly said “Why don’t we look in all of the bucket and then we might find it.”Then like 5 minutes later they finally found the key and they  opened the door and then the boss came and said “Where were you?” Molly said “We were locked in the fruit cave for like 2 days and now we are out”.They boss said “That is why you have to always look after the key”Lilly said “Ok boss” Then the finally had a good life and job and they said that they will never forget about the key mystery and never give up on the job. Now they are rich and also their  family are rich too and they even have cool clothes and they learnt not to be greedy and to love what they already have like their family that is what mattered to them the most.

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My Fractions

This is a Presentation about fractions.

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This presentation is related to compost

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Reverse Key

Reverse Key

W.A.L.T -Name 12 things a spade cannot be used for.

  1. Spade is not to be used for eating.
  2. A spade cannot be used for hitting your friend and family.
  3. you cannot use it for throwing like shot put.
  4. You cannot use it for Playing  rugby with it
  5. You can not use it for wiping your bum with it.
  6. You can not use it for feeding the dog.
  7. You can not smash it at the shop to get all the food.
  8. You can not use it for writing or drawing too.
  9. You can not use a spade for brushing your teeth before bed at night .
  10. You can not use the spade for giving it to your baby sister or brother to eat or play with too.
  11. You can not plant it in your garden.
  12. You can not use it for a pillow .