Monday, 27 February 2017

Blogging Questions 2017

Answer these Questions 

Q1: What are your pervious experiences with blogging? 

Back in Primary,  blogging was a big thing, it was where we would blog and share all our learning  for other people to see. I loved blogging and sharing what I learnt in class and giving feedback to others. 

Q2:  How do you think blogging impacts on your learning?
Blogging impacts on my learning because it's all apart of the Manaiakalani learning and since I blogged throughout Primary and Intermediate I know and understand how to blog. Blogging impacts in being confident being able to share your learning with other people without keeping your work shared with your teachers only. 

Q3: How do you feel about blogging? Why? 
I think blogging is a good thing for us to go back to doing, because if there's people who don't understand any work then they can just go to their classmates blog and catch up with anything instead of asking the teacher for help and wasting the class time trying to catch up with everyone.