Saturday, 31 May 2014

6 Hats Current Events- 2014.

This is a presentation about the six hats current events.... I am learning to use the six hats to think about and summaries a current event.  This current event is about New South Wales win the State of Origin 2014, against Queensland.  The score was 12-8.

I really hope New South Wales win this State of Origin because I'm a New South Wales supporter and because New South Wales worked really hard to win their game and they deserve to win the trophy.

#Go #The #Blues!!!

Cyber Smart-Smart Surfing, Searching for information online. 2014

Yesterday, Room 7 did a smart surfing, we were learning about the key vocabulary relating to searching  for information online.  

Friday, 30 May 2014

Intimidating Behaviour scenarios. 2014

This is a Google drawing Intimidating Behaviour scenarios, this is about behaviour and what to do when you are getting bullied or opening abusive texts.

Cause and Effects Umbrella

This this a Google drawing about the cause and effect of the movie Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. These effects are what I have recorded from the movie me and my classmates have seen to boost our thinking on our inquiry unit.


This is a Google drawing that has the answers to why we question about things that we don't know about and what we want to know about.

Samoan Language Week

This is a presentation about Samoan Language Week.  Today me and my partners learnt a lot about the Samoan  culture and how they speak their language and what traditions that they have as well.

Punctuation 2014.

This is a presentation is about skimming and scanning for  incorrect punctuation so that  we can find spelling mistakes in our writing.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Twitter-Cyber Smart 2014.

This is a task we did in class for Cyber Smart, we pretend that we had a Twitter. We also pretended that we're showing everyone how to be smart and respect people when you are on sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! This task help us by knowing how to respect people positively.  

Solar System Scavenger Hunt, 2014

We did a Solar System Scavenger Hunt, where we have to be in groups of three or two and we had to hunt for the answers that's around the class room... This task was a task where you had to work as a team to complete it. This task was a really hard one because we were all squash in a small class room it was also hard because we had to find the right answer.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Homophones 2014

This is my presentation about Homophones... Homophones is something that sound the same but got different meaning.

6 Hats Current Events, 2014

This is my current events hat...   I am learning to use the 6 hats to think about and summarise a current event.  This current event is about these twins sisters found each other 40 years later... This event feels special because it would be hard to find your brother or sister but Ann never gave up and carried on trying to find her twin sister.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Scientists, 2014

This term we are going to be learning about science and how they have impacted in our lives. This is all the words scientist can discover about... There is also a definition I have for science. 

Scientists and Inventors

This is a Google draw about scientists and Inventors,  This is a definition battle about scientists and inventors.  This is what I came up with. 

Inquiry, Scientist, 2014.

For Inquiry, we learnt about Scientist and Inventor. 
Today we did a Google draw about scientist and what they do... We also did one for Inventor, and in the middle is something that scientist and Inventor do that are similar to each other. 

Skills for adolescence 2014 .

This is a group work about acquaintance and friend.  This is my group work about it, we have to write a definition about friend and acquaintance.  Acquaintance is some one you just say hi and bye to and friend is someone who is truthful and loyal...