Thursday, 27 September 2012

Whanau Day

Whanau Day from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

On Wednesday the 26th of September  we had  a community  celebration  about our kai garden .
We learn't about how Ko is made out of  and how to use it in our garden.
Next Term we are going to plant our kai food in the garden and when it is ready we can all have a chance to eat the food that we had planted.

New Zealand Native Trees

This is a presentation about trees that are native to New Zealand.

Topic Reflection

Topic Reflection

Energy –The Balance of Life

What is energy?
Energy is the balance of life, also power.

Where do humans get energy from?
They get energy from food, water and plant too.

1. What substance does a tree use for food?(highlight your answer in yellow)
a. photosynthesis                                                       b. chlorophyll

c. Glucose                                                                   d. leaves

2. What four things does a tree need for photosynthesis? (highlight your answer in yellow)
b)_ Sunlight___

3. What causes a tree's leaves to appear green?

4. What signals a tree to preparing for winter?(highlight your answer in yellow)

a. The days become colder.
b. The weather becomes dry.
c. There are more rainy days.
d. There are fewer hours of sunlight.

5. How does a tree get water?(highlight your answer in yellow)

a. It makes water in its leaves.
b. It turns glucose into water.
c. It absorbs water through its roots.
d. It uses photosynthesis.

6. Why do a tree's leaves change color in the fall? (highlight your answer in yellow)

a. The tree has less chlorophyll.
b. The tree has less water.
c. The tree has no leaves.
d. The tree is growing quickly before the winter sets in.

What is compost?
Compost is a bin that have worm and food scrapes.  The soil is rich in nutrients for our gardens.

What are the things that you cannot put in a compost bin?
List 5 things that you can put in a compost bin.

  • Apples
  • Food srapes
  • Leaves
  • Banana skins
  • Dead plants

This term you have completed a group project about the roles, rights and responsibilities of how people maintain sustainable food sources.
Draw a flow chart that represents the responsibility that people have to maintain the food source your group researched this term.

Sustainability group topic (e.g pork farming): Vegetable and fruits farming

Picture1: Plant your vegetable and fruit.

Picture2: When it is ready harvest them.
Picture3: Wash the vegetable and fruit careful.
Picture4: Put the vegetable and fruit in the truck and take it to the market to sell.


  • What have you learnt about this topic?
  • What did you like about this topic?
  • What is your role in practicing sustainability for a balanced future - at home, at school, in my community?

I have learnt what a Kai garden is. What the Maori people used long time ago.  I like this topic is that the Maori people use a tool called Ko and Timotimo. Those tool is for  a Kai garden.

To  be sustainable at home I have to recycle things like cans, plastic and carboard.

At school I can be sustainable at school by looking after our kai garden.

My role in the community to be sustainable is to pick up the rubbishes  so our environment can be clean and green.

Friday, 14 September 2012


               Sunday Adventures

Last Sunday, I spent all day with my brother named Ari, my sister in law named Jaelyn and my nephew named Dayton.

We went to my brother in law named Cyprus’s cooking competition. It took us a long time to get there.  When we got there we saw lots of yummy cakes.  A man had made a robot cake, it took him five hours to do it.  

Then we saw Cyprus and his friend named Thomas.  We waited for half an hour and then I got a hot chocolate drink.  It was yummy!  Then he was on, he had to make something with salmon in it and he said that he was going to make a Japanese type of sushi and he did.  

Next, for like two hours, me and my brother were hungry and the baby was crying so we decided to go for a walk and buy an ice cream.  When we were about to go outside, I saw a butter sculpture, it was a tiger. We bought our ice cream.

Then we went to my brother’s rugby league game and if him and his team won, they are in the top four.  Next, when it was finished, they had won.  They scored 64 and the other team scored 6.  We were so happy that they won.  They got a medal and they were happy.

When we went home we waited until my aunty, papa and all my cousins came from up north.  They came at night and we played with them.  They came to see Dayton before he goes back to Napier on Wednesday.  I enjoyed seeing all my relatives and I had a great Sunday adventure.