Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tagging is Bad

Tagging is Bad from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Be a Buddy not a Bully

Be A Buddy Not A Bully from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the Best Policy from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Room's 7 favourite ice cream

This is a Google Presentation of my statistical investigation I did with my buddy Mehi
We did a statistical investigation about Room 7’s Favourite Ice cream.
We followed a statistical process to help us complete our investigation successfully.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Room 7 Netbook Reflection 2012

This is a presentation about Room 7 netbook Reflection. HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

T.P.S Athletics Day 2012

Press play to watch a movie about our Athletics Day.

T.P.S NEWS- Athletics Day from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Room 7 Movie Tralier

In Term 2 our school's inquiry topic was about 'Magic Movies'. Here is a trailer of our movies we made throughout Term 2. 

Room 7 Movie Tralier from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Manaiakalani 2012

In Term 2 we were learning a lot about movie magic, and how movies can influence our world. We created many movies. We started by brainstorming key messages we could include in our movies. 

We also made a movie that explains how to plant kumara. It was really fun to do. We created this movie to inspire people to learn how to grow their own kumara.

Our movie for The Manaiakalani Film Festival is called 'School Is Cool'. We made it to share all of the cool learning and fun that we have at school.

Our movie was also shown at the Tamaki Primary Academy Awards. We created a PMI about Movie Magic and shared what we liked, what was challenging and interesting.

School is Cool from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Room 7 Favourite Fruit

This column graph shows room 7's favourite fruit.  4 students like apples,2 students like banana,2 students like peaches,2 students like orange,10 students like strawberries,0 students like pear and 6 students like Grapes.  Most of the students like strawberries the in room 7.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Firework Fiesta

The Firework Fiesta
 By Mavis and Charday
 As the moon shook hands with the sun, fireworks exploded into a firework frenzy. Smoke poured down my face as the fireworks hissed as they rocketed toward the sky. A brazilian firework festival smiled down on us from the murderous,pitch black sky. Bitter smoke bit my tongue. Goosebumps did a chacha across my back. ‘Moooooo.’ The farm animals started to flee from the entertaining fiesta.The stars shivered violently in their cave - they camouflaged into the night sky.The wind howled loudly.Our cousin was drunk with laughter as he pranced around the the haystack. The animals’ fear was strong enough to be tasted. As I lit another firework, I was motivated by the mind of a firework devil. I cackled like there was no tomorrow.The moon hugged the stars, protecting them from the colossal war taking place down on the muddy ground.Charday looked me in the eye and sighed. “Sir, yes sir!” She saluted me then walked back into the distance where the sky was smudged with birds flying across it’s belly.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Room 7 Planting Kumara

In week 3 Room 7 planted kumara in our school kai garden. We would like to say a special thank you to Koro for helping us.

Press play to watch how we planted kumara. This clip was put together by Willy and Danisha.

Room 7 Planting Kumara from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Thursday, 18 October 2012


                                          Today I recorded a vlog about energy and what I'm wondering. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Whanau Day

Whanau Day from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

On Wednesday the 26th of September  we had  a community  celebration  about our kai garden .
We learn't about how Ko is made out of  and how to use it in our garden.
Next Term we are going to plant our kai food in the garden and when it is ready we can all have a chance to eat the food that we had planted.

New Zealand Native Trees

This is a presentation about trees that are native to New Zealand.

Topic Reflection

Topic Reflection

Energy –The Balance of Life

What is energy?
Energy is the balance of life, also power.

Where do humans get energy from?
They get energy from food, water and plant too.

1. What substance does a tree use for food?(highlight your answer in yellow)
a. photosynthesis                                                       b. chlorophyll

c. Glucose                                                                   d. leaves

2. What four things does a tree need for photosynthesis? (highlight your answer in yellow)
b)_ Sunlight___

3. What causes a tree's leaves to appear green?

4. What signals a tree to preparing for winter?(highlight your answer in yellow)

a. The days become colder.
b. The weather becomes dry.
c. There are more rainy days.
d. There are fewer hours of sunlight.

5. How does a tree get water?(highlight your answer in yellow)

a. It makes water in its leaves.
b. It turns glucose into water.
c. It absorbs water through its roots.
d. It uses photosynthesis.

6. Why do a tree's leaves change color in the fall? (highlight your answer in yellow)

a. The tree has less chlorophyll.
b. The tree has less water.
c. The tree has no leaves.
d. The tree is growing quickly before the winter sets in.

What is compost?
Compost is a bin that have worm and food scrapes.  The soil is rich in nutrients for our gardens.

What are the things that you cannot put in a compost bin?
List 5 things that you can put in a compost bin.

  • Apples
  • Food srapes
  • Leaves
  • Banana skins
  • Dead plants

This term you have completed a group project about the roles, rights and responsibilities of how people maintain sustainable food sources.
Draw a flow chart that represents the responsibility that people have to maintain the food source your group researched this term.

Sustainability group topic (e.g pork farming): Vegetable and fruits farming

Picture1: Plant your vegetable and fruit.

Picture2: When it is ready harvest them.
Picture3: Wash the vegetable and fruit careful.
Picture4: Put the vegetable and fruit in the truck and take it to the market to sell.


  • What have you learnt about this topic?
  • What did you like about this topic?
  • What is your role in practicing sustainability for a balanced future - at home, at school, in my community?

I have learnt what a Kai garden is. What the Maori people used long time ago.  I like this topic is that the Maori people use a tool called Ko and Timotimo. Those tool is for  a Kai garden.

To  be sustainable at home I have to recycle things like cans, plastic and carboard.

At school I can be sustainable at school by looking after our kai garden.

My role in the community to be sustainable is to pick up the rubbishes  so our environment can be clean and green.

Friday, 14 September 2012


               Sunday Adventures

Last Sunday, I spent all day with my brother named Ari, my sister in law named Jaelyn and my nephew named Dayton.

We went to my brother in law named Cyprus’s cooking competition. It took us a long time to get there.  When we got there we saw lots of yummy cakes.  A man had made a robot cake, it took him five hours to do it.  

Then we saw Cyprus and his friend named Thomas.  We waited for half an hour and then I got a hot chocolate drink.  It was yummy!  Then he was on, he had to make something with salmon in it and he said that he was going to make a Japanese type of sushi and he did.  

Next, for like two hours, me and my brother were hungry and the baby was crying so we decided to go for a walk and buy an ice cream.  When we were about to go outside, I saw a butter sculpture, it was a tiger. We bought our ice cream.

Then we went to my brother’s rugby league game and if him and his team won, they are in the top four.  Next, when it was finished, they had won.  They scored 64 and the other team scored 6.  We were so happy that they won.  They got a medal and they were happy.

When we went home we waited until my aunty, papa and all my cousins came from up north.  They came at night and we played with them.  They came to see Dayton before he goes back to Napier on Wednesday.  I enjoyed seeing all my relatives and I had a great Sunday adventure.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Locked in the fruit shop!

WALT-Write a narrative using the T.O.P.S structure.

In the lovely Cook Islands there were a shine bright sun in the blue sky and there was two twin sisters named Molly and Lilly,Molly and lilly had Teal eyes that look like a sparkly diamond,they had brown skin and molly has light pink hair like like the afternoon sky and a blue rose  lilly has blue hair that look like the light blue ocean and the sky too and has a pink rose in her hair . Their family was  poor so they had no money at all.  Lily whispered “Why does everyone in this Island have cool clothes and nice shoes and not us, it’s not fair” Molly answered  “Because they have jobs that’s why and not everyone has cool clothes like the poor’’.  The sisters decided to get a job because they were sick of having no money. They decided to walk into town and look for work.  When they got there,all they could see was delicious food.

They search around and around the town and finally they saw a  sign that say “Help Wanted” So they zoomed  in before the man get in the shop and have the job .Finally they bet the man they  looked around and Molly whispered “This is beautiful and warm too’. They found the office so Molly and Lily knocked on the door and there was a nice man sitting on his chair and cheerfully spoked “Welcome are you coming to eat or what “ Molly answered “No Mr we are here because we want a job here is that alright “. The man smiled and said “Ok you got the job” Molly and Lily was so glad that they got the job. They jumped up and down then the man said “Sit, sit my name is Tom what is your name.” Molly cheerfully answered”My name is Molly and her name is Lilly and we are twin sisters” “Yay twin sisters!”.

Then Tom showed where they are going to work and then he said “So which job do you want “Then Molly asked”What kind of job do you have”Tom said “We have fruit shop or fruit smoothies shop”.Molly and Lilly had a conversation together and they said “The fruit smoothie shop please’’.Tom showed what they have to do they had to make fruit smoothies.

They went to work early in the morning at 1am when they ran to work they open the shop and one customer came and said “ Hi can I have a yummy smoothie please”Lilly said “ Ok what would you like in your smoothie”.The man said nicely “I would like four mango, one  banana and two apples please” Molly hurry and did the smoothie Lilly who was the counter girl said “ That will be one dollar fifty please”The man handed the money he handed 5 dollar and lilly was going to give the change but then he said “you can have the changed Lilly said”Thank you very much.”The man said “That all right” Then he got his smoothie and he fell in love  with the smoothie. His eyes made a heart  and he said “I am coming back tomorrow and everyday .6 days later they were rich and now they can buy clothes and shoes too.

They runned out of fruit and so they went to the fruit place which they like to call it fruit cave because it look like a cave and it have fruit in it too.As they went to get some fruit,the door slamed and then the door lock.  Lilly said “We are lock we are lock”Molly said No we are not...BUT I think we are lock”Noooooo” said Lilly.”Calm down Lilly”Said Molly.They wait and wait then it was morning time and they smell like rotten egg and smell like old rushing socks.

They remember that they put the key on the hook and then they remember that they boss told then that he put a key in one of the fruit bucket and the they search everywhere and then Lilly said “Why don’t we look in all of the bucket and then we might find it.”Then like 5 minutes later they finally found the key and they  opened the door and then the boss came and said “Where were you?” Molly said “We were locked in the fruit cave for like 2 days and now we are out”.They boss said “That is why you have to always look after the key”Lilly said “Ok boss” Then the finally had a good life and job and they said that they will never forget about the key mystery and never give up on the job. Now they are rich and also their  family are rich too and they even have cool clothes and they learnt not to be greedy and to love what they already have like their family that is what mattered to them the most.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My Fractions

This is a Presentation about fractions.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


This presentation is related to compost

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Reverse Key

Reverse Key

W.A.L.T -Name 12 things a spade cannot be used for.

  1. Spade is not to be used for eating.
  2. A spade cannot be used for hitting your friend and family.
  3. you cannot use it for throwing like shot put.
  4. You cannot use it for Playing  rugby with it
  5. You can not use it for wiping your bum with it.
  6. You can not use it for feeding the dog.
  7. You can not smash it at the shop to get all the food.
  8. You can not use it for writing or drawing too.
  9. You can not use a spade for brushing your teeth before bed at night .
  10. You can not use the spade for giving it to your baby sister or brother to eat or play with too.
  11. You can not plant it in your garden.
  12. You can not use it for a pillow .

Wednesday, 4 July 2012




What did you like about this term’s unit?
  • Using a camera.  
  • Having the opportunity to edit a movie. Some of us are now confident to edit a movie and are now going to be helping our teacher edit T.P.S News.

  • Working as a group to plan our movies.  
  • This unit helped us build stronger relationships with each other especially when we were working as a group to produce and edit our movies.  
  • Speeches! - doing and preparing a speech helped developed our presenting skills. 
  • We have become confident in sharing our ideas without being shy. 
  • Learning about movie making equipment like the tripod, imove programme, flip cam etc.  
  • Enjoyed learning about the movie making process - brainstorming, planning, script writing, storyboarding, filming, editing, presenting.  
  • Learning about the different effective camera shots.  
  • Everyone in our class was in a movie.
  • Finishing the movie off with a whole school Academy awards. This made us feel very proud of our hardwork! We felt like REAL professional film makers.
  • Our whanau and friends being proud of us - they really appreciated our movies.
  • We have definitely expanded our knowledge about movie making and have developed good movie making skills that we want to share with others. We look forward to continuing our Movie Magic journey and learning more fun ways to extend our movie making skills.

What challenges did you have with this unit? 
  • Waiting for our turn to film because there was only one flip-cam and a tripod.  
  • We had some groups using the same filming location so we had to wait for them to finish filming and sometimes it ment we couldn't film because they were taking too long. For example the staff room, corridor, reading room etc.
  • We couldn’t film sometimes as some students were away and the weather was not too good as well.  
  • Memorising our lines for our scripts. 
What interested you about this unit?
  • The editing process.  
  • Adding sound effects and music to our movies.  
  • Learning how professional film makers make movies and trying to develop their skills throughout the process of our film making experience.  
  • Learning the movie elements helped us to make our movies interesting to watch! 
  • Solution
    How could we improve on this unit next time. 
  •   More flip-cams and tripods.  
  • Have the Imovie programme on our netbooks so that we could edit our movies instead of waiting for a group to finish. 

Friday, 22 June 2012

My Speech about Sports

How did you feel about presenting your speech to the class?
I felt very scared and I was nervous

What was the hardest part about preparing a speech?
The hardest thing about preparing the speech was trying to know all my speech when I’m shy.

What did you enjoy most about speeches?
That no one laughed at me and that everybody liked it.
I had fun when I presented my speech.

How could you improve your speech making next time?
Putting my speech in order and speaking a bit louder. I will make more eye contact with my audience next time.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Spelling Cloze Task

I am learning to create a cloze task that includes my spelling words for this week.

Can you fill in the gaps by using the words in the box provided  

   1.I can _____________ louder than you.

2.I love ___________bar.

  1. 3.I had a _________ Bath.

   4. I have to ______the T.V

   5.In the holiday i went to the ____________.

   6. I can see a _________in the sky.

   7.The  _______ roll to me and i fell over.

   8.I _________ my brother haka.

   9.I put my towel on the ________.

 10. Lions eats buffalo  ______.

 11. The  ________ people fixed the buildings

12. I am _______ to do my work.

Whistle airport aircraft barrel chocolate handle mute bubble engineer flesh recording keen flesh

Writing Reflection

This week for writing we are focussing on speech writing. Today in our writing lesson we learnt about Speech presentations and the structure of a speech . We also brainstormed different topics for speech writing this week.
I have decided to write a speech about sports because I love sports and I know all about sports.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Character Description - Hineroa

Today I read a story about Fast Food, This story was written as a play. We are practising our presentation skills as this will help us prepare for our movie making project next week.

The character I played in the story was Hineroa. She is the eldest in her family. She is tall and looks after her cousin, brother and sister.

Hineroa  is smart and brave and likes to go to the beach with her brother, sister and cousin, while her father and mother go to get some fast food.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Alphabetical Order

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Holiday

Dear Moapa

On the holidays Me and my family went to drop off my brother named Daniel he was going to Australia and  play rugby league and his team was called  Valcans.On Monday we got ready and went to pick up my papa because he is looking after my dog for two days . Then we went in the car and drove to Napier to see my big brother and his girlfriend because they are having a baby and a baby shower.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

We jumped on a big enormous  pillow it was  soo cool because my brother in law made me jump high in the air.We went off and had a swim it was cold me and my brother went and bought  a go -
kart you can put four people on and i was the driver.Me and my cuzzin pick up my brother and her brother and we take turn driver and then it was the boys turn.

In kawkaw up north me ,my mum and my two brother  drove to my mum sister house to visit .   we went to sleep over at my mum best friend place they have two little pigs. My  friend who was 19 year old took us to see the pigs it was wet and cold .

By Charday

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Snoopy - My Brave dog.

One cold night, a dog named Snoopy, got into trouble.  He lived  happily with his lovely family. The people in his family are Charday, Wiremu, Kauri, Charlotte and Daniel.  Charday had decided to go on the computer, when a strong wind came and blew the fence down.  Snoopy heard a dog barking outside, so he  ran out of the house and onto the road.  When Charday looked for Snoopy, he was not there. Charday thought, “He must be outside.”  She just kept on playing computer games.

Snoopy ran and ran, thinking it was great fun playing on the road. Suddenly, a car appeared, racing down the road. It ran Snoopy over and did not stop. The people in the car just drove away and did not care about Snoopy.   Snoopy tried to go home but he could not get there quickly because he had a badly injured left back leg.

When he got home, he sneaked into the house and laid down on the ground, waiting for his family to see him . When Wiremu went into the kitchen, he turned on the light and saw a pool of blood on the ground and realised Snoopy had been hurt.  He screamed, ” Mum help!  Look at Snoopy.  He has blood all over him and I think his leg is badly hurt!”.   

Charlotte went to look at Snoopy and said, “What should we do?” 

Then Charday went and looked at Snoopy. She grabbed the home phone and called her big brother yelling, “Daniel you have to come home because Snoopy has blood all over him!”

Daniel rushed home and helped Charlotte clean the blood off Snoopy.  Charday was upset and started to cry when she looked at his left back foot and yelled out, “Snoopy has the biggest cut I've ever seen. It's terrible!"  

Then everyone came and looked at it. They called the vet, who said that they had to take him there immediately but they could not lift him up and carry him to the car.

They waited until William came home. When he arrived, he said that they all needed to say goodbye to Snoopy. Charday started to cry and cry. She said, “He has been the best friend in the world to me and I don’t want him to leave." 

William lifted him up and took him to the car and drove to the vet. Two hours later, out came Snoopy! Charday was so happy to see him and she hugged him and kissed him.
Everyone was so glad to have Snoopy back!! He recovered very well and he never chased cars ever again!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

All About Me

Hi my name is Charday. I am 11 years old . I was born in New  Zealand in 2000. I have brown, shiny hair and I have brown sparkly eyes which are like diamonds.

I have 6 cool brothers and I am the only girl in my family. I  also live with my Mum, Dad and my dog called Snoopy.

I am Maori and I am very proud of my culture. When I think about my culture I immediately think of Maori carvings, Maori patterns, Maori food and the special place that I come from, which is up North. 

I enjoy  cleaning, cooking and playing outside. The best subjects I like at school is Topic,Written Language and Spelling.

My best friend at home is Mehi. She is my best friend because she is kind to me. We do lots of  amazing things together. She makes me happy and cheers me up when I am sad.

When I grow up I want to be a firefighter to help people who are in danger of a fire situation. My  learning goal this year  is to learn different  spelling  patterns to help me spell challenging words.