Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Back to school By Room 7

This is a film about room 7 coming back to school. Hope You Enjoy It

My Goals For This Term.

This is a Presentation about my goals for this term. This Presentation is to show our family how they can help us to get up to our age levels.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Description writing

5 year old Danny is playing a game of hide and seek with his big brother Taylor who is 8 years old.  Peeping around a tree, Danny can see his brother searching for him while mysterious strangers walking by watch Danny hiding.  Danny  hugs the tree tightly so that his brother cannot see him hiding there.

In the distance he can hear dogs barking with happiness, people screaming angrily ,the wind softly blowing, leaves crackling under people’s feet and bubble gum popping from the mouths of a group of teenagers.

As Danny breathes in the warm summer air he can smell bright flowers, just cut grass and sausages sizzling on a family barbeque. As he take another breath of air, he can smell freshly washed clothes hanging out to dry.  Pressing closer to the trunk of the tree, he can smell the old damp wood. Suddenly he can smell himself as he begins to sweat in the heat. He can taste his salty sweat dripping down the side of his face and also leftover lunches that people had thrown in the rubbish bin.  

“28, 29, 30 ready or not  here I come,” yells Taylor.  Danny heard Taylor coming down the  noisey stairs from the deck at the back of their house. Would he find him?  Danny crept around the tree and saw bees busily buzzing around.  Before Taylor spotted him, he turned and ran away from his hiding place behind the tree to a group of  big rough trees with bird nests up high in their branches. Taylor spun around and was amazed  that  he could not find Danny.

Danny  under the big trees, Danny realised that he was now so tired that he wanted to give up but he did not want to lose the game.  He positioned his hand on a branch and hung from it, feeling the hard rough bark beneath his fingertips. His feet were  touching the base of the tree.  He put his  free hand onto his head like he was saluting so that he could see better in the blinding sun. The sun illuminated the whole garden, its shining light scattered across the water of the frog pond.

Danny saw Taylor searching for him between their mum’s  beautiful pink flower bushes  so he ran back to the deck as fast as he could, before Taylor was able to turn around and catch him. “ I won ! “ yelled Danny victoriously.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Individual Description

C is for cool, H is for happy, A is for awesome, R is for radiant, D is for dreamer,
A is for amazing and Y is for young.  Kia Ora my name is Charday Liddicoat.  I am a Maori and I am always proud of my culture.  I am 12 years old and I am in year 7 at school.  People say I am kind, shy and cool.  I have light brown eyes that sparkle like diamonds and twinkle like stars when I talk or laugh.  I am quite tall for my age and often feel as if I am looking down at my friends.

My family is quite large.  I have five brothers and one half brother.  I am the only girl in my family.  My brothers’ names are Ari, Taylor, Daniel, Wiremu and Kauri and my older stepbrother,  who is older than all of us, is Zane.  My mum is called  Charlotte and my dad is called William and I also have a dog named Snoopy.  My family is fun to live with because we always try  to make each other laugh all the time. My family is also kind  because we help each other when we are hurt or upset.  My family is helpful because they always help my friends when they are hurt.  I love my family because they are very loveable and they are kind.

I come from  the Tamaki community.  It has shops, pools and lots of people. There are some beautiful beaches in the Tamaki area. It also has lots of schools and I go to Tamaki Primary which feels like the heart of my community. I love the Tamaki community because the people are friendly and all help each other.

My favourite sports are rugby and touch but the sport that I am best at is netball.  When I was nine years old,  I always watched netball and that inspired me to become a good   netball player. My culture is Maori but I only know a few  Maori words like Kia Orana. I  would like to belong to a Maori cultural group when I get older.  I also want to be a singer because I love Taylor Swift, especially because her songs are cool.I hope I get to met Taylor Swift  one day because I am a big fan of her and I hope I get to be a singer.   

My biggest fear at Tamaki Primary is that every day brings me closer to when I have to leave the school and move on to college. My hopes for this year are that I get into school sports team and that my work continues to improve. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Build Ups

Skills for  Adolescence reflection

Today we learnt about build ups and put downs and how they have a positive or negative effect on people’s feelings. I enjoyed it but didn't realise that something I say can hurt someone. We need more build ups and less  put downs.

Friday, 8 February 2013