Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Bush, 2013

                                              The Bush

As it was the start of the school holiday, a girl name Renee and her friends named Chasity, Mavis and Salome were having a sleepover and they were planning a camp but didn't know where to camp.
The Mavis the brain one came in to the conversation and said “we should camp at the Bush.”  
Salome said “What a Bush?”  
“A Bush is a place where there is lots of trees, bushes, river and my favourite the waterfall.” Said Mavis.
“Ooo that would be a awesome place to go” Renee shouted.
“When should we go to the bush?” asked Chasity.
“Maybe next week” whispered Mavis.
Everyone took a moment to think then Salome, Mavis, Chasity and Renee yelled all together and said “Tomorrow!” then they all laugh at the same time.
The next day they all went home and packed their bag.  Mavis was the first one ready so she rang Salome.
“Hello are you nearly ready?” Asked Mavis.
“All most ready”  said Salome.
“I’ll meet all of yous there bye.”
“Bye” Yelled Salome.
The next 3 hours they finally saw each other and then they walk along the bush.  They walked about an hour and a half and then they had a rest.  They drank water and ate a little bit of sandwich and off he went down the hill.
When they came back down they saw a huge tree on the pathway.
“OMG! You got to be kidding me” said Mavis all anger.
“We walked like about two hours and now we have to see this.” Said Renee.

“I know an Idea we should cut around the trees in those bushes.” Said Chasity trying to be a smarty pants.

“But we have no Idea what is down there, there might be a river or a cliff down there.” Salome said in a worry voice.
“Who care” called Chasity then out of no where she went down the bush and then Salome,Mavis and Renee heard a yell coming down the bush then found out that  Chasity wasn't there.

They all yelled“Chasity.”
Mavis said” We all have to save her, we have to go down there and save her.”
Renee and Salome said “No do you know what going to happen if we go down there.”

“No but we still have to save her she is our friend forever we can’t just leave her there just because we want or self save, we also have to save our friend, so if you's are not coming down with me to save our friend  then you's can stay here and be ashamed of yourself.” Shouted Mavis.

When she was about to go down the bushes.  Out of nowhere there was a voices saying “I'm coming down too.”
As Mavis turned around it was Renee.
Then Salome Shouted “Wait I'm coming too.
They all hold hand and said “Good Luck Girls.”
Mavis hold on to the to rope that was hanging down the hill, then Renee followed and then Salome followed.

Peace Speech! 2013

This is a presentation about peace.  We all have to pick a peaceful song.  Then talk about the song and talk about how peaceful the song that you're pick.