Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Snoopy - My Brave dog.

One cold night, a dog named Snoopy, got into trouble.  He lived  happily with his lovely family. The people in his family are Charday, Wiremu, Kauri, Charlotte and Daniel.  Charday had decided to go on the computer, when a strong wind came and blew the fence down.  Snoopy heard a dog barking outside, so he  ran out of the house and onto the road.  When Charday looked for Snoopy, he was not there. Charday thought, “He must be outside.”  She just kept on playing computer games.

Snoopy ran and ran, thinking it was great fun playing on the road. Suddenly, a car appeared, racing down the road. It ran Snoopy over and did not stop. The people in the car just drove away and did not care about Snoopy.   Snoopy tried to go home but he could not get there quickly because he had a badly injured left back leg.

When he got home, he sneaked into the house and laid down on the ground, waiting for his family to see him . When Wiremu went into the kitchen, he turned on the light and saw a pool of blood on the ground and realised Snoopy had been hurt.  He screamed, ” Mum help!  Look at Snoopy.  He has blood all over him and I think his leg is badly hurt!”.   

Charlotte went to look at Snoopy and said, “What should we do?” 

Then Charday went and looked at Snoopy. She grabbed the home phone and called her big brother yelling, “Daniel you have to come home because Snoopy has blood all over him!”

Daniel rushed home and helped Charlotte clean the blood off Snoopy.  Charday was upset and started to cry when she looked at his left back foot and yelled out, “Snoopy has the biggest cut I've ever seen. It's terrible!"  

Then everyone came and looked at it. They called the vet, who said that they had to take him there immediately but they could not lift him up and carry him to the car.

They waited until William came home. When he arrived, he said that they all needed to say goodbye to Snoopy. Charday started to cry and cry. She said, “He has been the best friend in the world to me and I don’t want him to leave." 

William lifted him up and took him to the car and drove to the vet. Two hours later, out came Snoopy! Charday was so happy to see him and she hugged him and kissed him.
Everyone was so glad to have Snoopy back!! He recovered very well and he never chased cars ever again!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

All About Me

Hi my name is Charday. I am 11 years old . I was born in New  Zealand in 2000. I have brown, shiny hair and I have brown sparkly eyes which are like diamonds.

I have 6 cool brothers and I am the only girl in my family. I  also live with my Mum, Dad and my dog called Snoopy.

I am Maori and I am very proud of my culture. When I think about my culture I immediately think of Maori carvings, Maori patterns, Maori food and the special place that I come from, which is up North. 

I enjoy  cleaning, cooking and playing outside. The best subjects I like at school is Topic,Written Language and Spelling.

My best friend at home is Mehi. She is my best friend because she is kind to me. We do lots of  amazing things together. She makes me happy and cheers me up when I am sad.

When I grow up I want to be a firefighter to help people who are in danger of a fire situation. My  learning goal this year  is to learn different  spelling  patterns to help me spell challenging words.