Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

6 Hats, Current, Events , Rugby League Nines 2014

Today for homework, I am working on my 6 thinking hats that have to relate to a current events.
I have picked Rugby League (Nines) Because I am a big fan of rugby league.  I love to support my team which is the Warriors, and I really love to support my model Shaun Johnson.<3
I hope you like it.
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Thursday, 6 February 2014

2014-My Goals Relating to Trump.



  • I am going to be a hard worker and not let anyone annoying me.
  • I will have to contribute with others when we have group work.
  • I will focus on my work so that I will not waste my time or my teachers time.
  • I need more expectation to be done when I’m doing my work.
  • I will try to use critical thinking when I am doing my work.

Relating to others:

  • I will need to listen to the teachers all time so that I know what to do when we start our work.
  • I will need to look after my friends and teachers, and make sure they are doing the right things when we are doing our work.
  • I will need to contribute with others when I am in a group.
  • I need to always respected them as what they are and to always agree on their ideas even if it’s wrong.

Using language, symbols and text:

  • I will use sign, symbols and texts to build on prior knowledge.
  • I can use movement, metaphor and technology to communicate an idea with others around me.

Managing self:

  • I will have to always keep on track and to finish my work in time.
  • I will need to get to class early so that I can be ready for the day.
  • I will need to build confidence when talking to my class mate.
  • I will need to build confidence when I’m talking to my class when presenting anytime.

Participating and contributing:

I will need to participated in sports and contributed with others around me.  I will need to participated in my group when we are working together.  I will need to contributed with my group and not let them do all the work but contributed and participated as well.