Monday, 31 July 2017

Projectile Motion- 11PEA

What is Projectile Motion? 
Projectile motion is a form of motion which an object is thrown in the air it becomes a projectile such as shotput ball.

What are the three parts of projectile Motion? 
1: Angle of releases = The average angle when releasing is 45* but it depends on the people and sports.
2: Heigh of releases = The greater the height the further the distance of the object would go.
3: Speed of releases = Having greater speed which causes greater height and distance when releasing an object.

Explain the activity this morning related to Projectile Motion. 

Today we did an activity where we had a bunch of  papers and a rubber band.  We can fold the papers and try to find the best technique in order to get the paper across the room or to aim it for the two hoops that was on the ground.

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