Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Three Classes of Levers.

What are the 3 parts? 

The first part of the levers is the  Fulcrum.  The fulcrum  is the point at which the lever pivot.
The second part of the levers is the  Effect.  The effect is the force that is applied to make the object move.
The thrid part of the lever is the Load.  The load is the objects or thing you are carrying.

What are the 3 classes?
1st class of the lever is the seesaw.
2nd class of the lever is the wheeelbarrow.
3rd class of the lever is the arm.
Explain levers in sports. 
In tennis when serving the ball,  the fulcrum is the shoulder and the elbow, the effort is the shoulders that is the force to make the tennis ball move.  The load is the tennis ball.
Explain the activity we completed. 

The activity we completed in class was a activity that helps us understand and identify the 3 classes and 3 parts of the levers.  This activity we cut out three sqaures,  three triangles and three rectangles.  The three sqaures represent the load or (resistance),  the three triangles represent the fulcrum or (pivot)  and the three rectangles represent the effect or (force).  We then planned where each shapes goes that would represent the three classes and parts in levers and stick the three shapes on to a peice of paper.  Then explained the three classes and gave examples.

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Georgia Dougherty said...

Thanks for sharing your learning process Charday - did you find this activity helpful to understand levers a little more? This is a great post for you to come back to in the future if you need, and also a great resource for your peers if they weren't in class this week. Looking forward to reading more posts! Miss D

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