Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Balance and Stablity

  • What are the three parts of balance and stability?

COG- (Centre of gravity.) Point which all parts of the object are equally balance.
LOG-(Line of Gravity) Vertical line straight down the body including through the Centre of Gravity to represent the direction of gravity.
BOS- (Base of Support) Supporting area benearth the body including the points of contract with the ground.

  • How can someone increase their balance and/or stability?

TO increase their balance they need to increase their base of support to have good balance. Also the line of gravity will have to be straight down from their head to toes.

  • Describe your task from the start of the poses to the end of the Slides. Talk about what you enjoyed and what you found difficult.

This first position we did with all of peers and class mates, this was a easy but hard part to do as some people on the bottom wasn't very strong and didn't have balance to hold the people on the top. We were also very close to each other which was gave us an unbalance surface.

The second position was the easiest and most simple position to do, as we had a big base to support our balance so we were stable enough to hold the person on top of us.

The thrid position was a very hard one for us to do, we had to try and balance the person who is on us and had to get the timing right. Also it was hard to get both boys to get their feets to touch each other so they are stable enough and have the support from us girls holding them.


Faleseela said...

Thank you your sharing your work about balance and stability. It was useful for me in considering my coaching. As for the picture, in my culture we wouldn't have girls on the bottom because it's not appropriate but we would have the girls at the top.

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