Monday, 7 August 2017

Circuit Fitness suite (12-12games)

  • Explain the physical activity you participated in.

Today we did a fitness Suite Circuit. Circuit means having multiple stations. We did x3 rounds, the first two round were fourty-five seconds per station and the last round was twenty seconds per station. We had one mins rest between each rounds station.

The fitness activity we did was, Bicepcurls, Rowers, Lunge Jumps, Cycling, Russian Twists, Burpees, Med Ball Squats and the Agility Zig- Zag.

  • What level of effort and engagement were you participating at during today’s physical activity? Why? (Grade yourself NA, A or M and refer to marking criteria)

I would put myself on 'M' because I encourage my partner to do well and keep going when she felt the needed to stop and we only had about 10 seconds left on the russian Twists. I tried my best on all activity except the burpees but on the last round I tried my hardest.

What were three factors which influenced your participation? (Choose from the list below, and put a + or - beside the three factors to show whether it positively or negatively influenced your participation).

Challenge was a positive influence in my participation because the challenges had given me motivation to keep pushing myself past the limit, for example when we had 20 seconds lef and I was on the russian twits, I pushed myself and tried to get past 10 or 20 twits before the time was up.

Equipment was a positive influence in my participation because we had all the equipment ready and set up for us. No equipment was broken so it was good to use.

Environment was a positive influence in my participation because we were in an environment that had spaces and room for us to do our activity. This made us get around things well and workout well without hurting or knocking anything over.

  • How could you increase your (or your peers) participation in this activity in the future?
I could help increase on my peers participation by helping them and motivate them more often when they feel like giving up.


Angela Gattung said...

Wow Charday, your post makes me feel exhausted! Well done on your physical fitness and mental ability to push yourself. You also emphasise your keenness to help others achieve which is fantastic. Do you think one day you might be a trainer?

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